Want to study Spanish? Curious about going abroad, or becoming a major? Whether you are exploring Spanish for the first time, plan to major in Spanish or want to earn a formal Certificate in Spanish, we invite you to explore our courses and meet our faculty.

All courses explore the historical and political context of the material, and provide both theoretical and cultural frames of reference for study. Students thus have the opportunity to explore a vast range of disciplines, periods, genres and cultures in the small, student-centered classes for which Williams is known.

Our graduates have gone on to secure prestigious Fulbright teaching and research grants in Latin America and Spain, and many have used their linguistic and cultural training as they pursue careers in fields including law, health care, journalism, labor and community organizing, education, and doctoral degrees in various fields.

**Spanish Placement Test, 2024-2025**

All students who have taken one or more years of Spanish, or have experience with the language in other forms, should take the test to ensure correct placement in classes. You can self-enroll via Glow here:


The test is now open, and will remain open through Thursday August 31at 6 p.m. However you are encouraged to take it sooner rather than later.

For questions please contact Professor Rouhi at [email protected].


    I. Do I still need to take the test if…?

    1. “I took Spanish many years ago but don’t remember much.”  YES

    2. “I’ve never studied Spanish, but we speak Spanish at home.”  YES

    3. “I took AP Spanish.”  YES

    4. “I went to a bilingual school.”  YES

    5. “I have never studied Spanish. I do not speak, write, or read it. Do I need to take the test?”  NO

    II. Is the test offered at another time?

    NO, the Placement Test is only offered once a year.

    III. I’m not sure yet if I want to take Spanish this year. Should I take the test anyway?

    YES! That way we will have your score on file if and when you decide you’re ready to study Spanish.

    **In case of technical problems during the test, please email [email protected]

    Still have questions?
    Please contact:

    Lucy J. Green
    Departmental Administrative Assistant
    Center for Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
    [email protected]