Isaac Nicholson

❍ Year of graduation: 2011
❍ Actor/Comedian, Upright Citizens Brigade Theater

Isaac Nicholson:I decided to major in Spanish after realizing that I enjoyed taking the literature based discussion classes. I thought initially I was going to be a Psych major and maybe get the certificate in Spanish, but I ended up enjoying my Spanish classes so much that I double majored with the main one being Spanish.

I have fond memories of discussing Lazarillo de Tormes with both Professor Fox and Professor Rouhi. I enjoyed many of the class projects, and my Quixote class was very engaging as well. All in all, I think the small class size really contributed to my love of the major, and I felt that each of my professors really pushed me and were very passionate about the material themselves.

What I’m doing now is pretty far outside the academic realm, and rather unrelated to the Spanish field, but it was great experience nonetheless.