Richard Ota

❍ Year of graduation: 1999
❍ Manager at CGI Federal

Question: How did you to decide to major in Spanish at Williams?

Richard Ota: The Spanish language is a part of my background and heritage (being half Mexican), that said, I wanted to learn more about Latin American and Spanish literature and pursuing the Spanish major at Williams afforded me that opportunity. Specifically, I was interested in learning about Magical Realism and it’s impact on Latin American literature.

Question: What are some of your favorite memories of classes, readings, professors, or study abroad experiences?

Richard Ota: Ah, some favorite memories included reading Don Quijote in professor Rouhi’s class; and reading Latin American literature in both Professor Gimenez’ class and also in Professor Bell-Villada’s class. Professor Gimenez had an ability to draw his students in that I will never forget.

Question: How did majoring in Spanish help prepare you for what you do now?

Richard Ota: The major did not have a direct impact on my job today, but I do still practice my Spanish and have also learned to speak Portuguese since.